Concrete Building Systems


Patented Disaster Proof And Recoverable Buildings & Foundations
Tempest Saves Time And Money With Fire, Flood, Disaster Proof And Recoverable Building Systems.
Protect your investment and your building’s occupants by ensuring your building is Fire, Flood, Disaster Proof/Recoverable from the ground up. At TEMPEST BUILDING SYSTEMS™, we specialize in building concrete structures and foundations that meet and exceed the challenging building requirements of today.  Fire Proof, Water Proof, Mold/Mildew Proof, and Termite Proof.

TEMPEST wall systems and foundations are designed to be resilient and disaster recoverable:
• Certified Class A Fire Resistant – 0 Flame Spread and 0 Smoke
• Noncombustible
• Nonflammable
• Water Proof
• Exceeds FEMA disaster resistant and recoverable building requirements
• Impact/Mold/Mildew/Termite Proof and Resistant

Eco-Friendly/Green Building Systems
All the materials we use are GREEN FRIENDLY and do not contain any V.O.C.’s, or Carcinogens.
A nontoxic building is key to the long term health and wellness of building occupants . View our flyer for additional details.

Concrete Foundations
TEMPEST’S concrete foundation and wall systems save you time and money. Our system is installed in less than half the time of conventional methods, while also saving you the considerable extra time and expense of framing and sheathing an interior wall surface. Our Monolithic Walls and Foundations protect against all hazards and are finish ready!!  
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